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The war for talent in the Cyber Security space has never been fiercer, driven by increased and highly publicized cyber threats from around the world. Every day, Cyber Security Firms and end-users, are engaged in a battle to find the right talent that will allow them to protect their data and information systems.

Working exclusively in this industry we know the problems Cyber Security Firms face:  the best talent does not want to move, your own talent is increasingly difficult to retain, positions in areas such as Application Pen Testers, Security Engineers and Security Analysts, just to name a few, are becoming increasingly hard to fill and hiring costs are increasing accordingly.

We also understand the constant pressure cyber security firms face to stay on deadline and ahead of the competition and the impact a prolonged talent search process can have on those tight schedules.

  • Our innovative recruiting systems recruit for candidates 24/7
  • Through extensive data analysis have identified and deeply penetrated the DC, Colorado and Baltimore population of cyber security talent. We’ve done the same nationally for those positions which lend themselves working remotely. (i.e. Pen Testers)
  • Quick turnaround for resume review
  • Provide actionable market intelligence
  • Our average time to present a candidate is less than 5 days
  • Our resume to the 1st interview ratio is greater than 75%
  • We penetrate more than 50% (and growing) of the talent pool in DC, Baltimore and Colorado.
  • Our innovative strategies result in long-term relationships with clients and the talent.
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